All patient samples must be accompanied with the appropriate request form. Please complete the relevant SHPVRL request form for either gynaecological or non-gynaecological requests. Request forms can be completed electronically or by hand but must be sent as a hard copy.

SHPVRL Gynae Request Form
SHPVRL Non-Gynae Request Form

Please use a separate request form for each patient, ensuring that all relevant fields are completed. As a minimum we require:

- Patient’s Identification (Surname & Forename/CHI number)

- Patient’s date of birth and gender

- Specimen type/site

- Consultant to whom a report should be addressed

- Location and contact details of sender

- Relevant clinical information

Specimen Labelling

All specimens should be labelled with the following information:

- Surname & Forename

- CHI number (for Scottish Referrals)

- Date of birth (for non Scottish Referrals)

A specimen and/or associated request form with insufficient accompanying information (as outlined above) could result in a delay in the sample being tested or the sample not being tested. 

Specimen types

Validated biospecimens for clinical HPV testing are as below.

Please note that any other types of biospecimens must only be sent after previous discussion with SHPVRL and, if tested, will be reported with a caveat/unaccredited comment.

Liquid Samples
Cervical Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) sample in PreservCyt® Media in original LBC container.
A 3ml “prequot” - The term prequot refers to an aliquot that is removed from the original LBC vial before it is transferred to an automated slide processor.

It is essential that laboratories prepare specimens correctly to ensure accurate and timely result generation, failure to do so will (as a minimum) delay result reporting. Specimens collected in PreservCyt® LBC can be transported at 15-30ºC and may be stored for up to 4 months at 15-30ºC or up to 6 months at 2-8ºC following collection.

Please ensure that caps are firmly secured; given the methanol content in LBC samples minor leakage of a single sample within a batch can result in obliteration of the identifiers on all samples in the batch as well as posing a contamination risk.

For tissue biopsies we required 2 x 10 μm sections of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded material placed in separate sterile 2ml screw cap tubes (i.e. maximum of 1 x 10 μm section per tube). If sending paraffin sections, it is essential to refer to “Protocol for sectioning paraffin blocks at source laboratory”.  Paraffin sections of tissue in other fixatives (e.g. Bouin’s solution) and fresh tissue are not generally acceptable for HPV testing.
Original, relevant FFPE block on which pathology diagnosis has been made in sealed, labeled plastic bag.

SHPVRL will send all original blocks back to parent laboratory. A form confirming successful receipt of blocks will be accompany the block which the parent lab should complete

Courier/transit instructions

All specimens should be sent in accordance with UN 3373 Biological Substance category B transport regulations and conform to packing instructions 650 (PI650). The courier “HAYS DX” can be used to transport samples to SHPVRL. For users sending samples accompanied with a “sample receipt form” that requires acknowledgement, SHPVRL will not confirm receipt by fax but by phone; date of call will be logged for audit purposes.