Research Tests and Research and Development in SHPVRL

In addition to tests listed in ‘services provided’, the SHPVRL has access to platforms and HPV tests for evaluation work and research and development. These include both broad spectrum and genotyping systems as well as sequencing and serology options.

SHPVRL can provide materials to support HPV assay evaluations and quality control. Requesting laboratories would be expected to resource this element and requests are handled on an individual basis. For information contact Kate Cuschieri,

SHPVRL and the associated HPV Research Group at the University of Edinburgh engage in research relevant to HPV associated disease including but not confined to the cervix. In addition the Scottish HPV Archive, which is managed under the auspice of the South East of Scotland Bioresource is a biobank of samples designed to facilitate HPV research. SHPVRL are also founder members of the Scottish HPV Investigators Network (SHINe) a multi-disciplinary forum for those interested in HPV Research.

If you would like to hear more about the Research Outputs, SHINe or the archive please contact Kate Cuschieri,, or visit the SHINe website.


For a list of selected publications please see SHPVRL Key Publications: