Primary Care Laboratory Interface Group (PLIG)

PLIG is led by a Chair and Medical Secretary (one a GP, one a Consultant) and membership includes representatives from the GP Sub-Committee for NHS Lothian, all the laboratory specialties and laboratory management. PLIG involves other specialists when indicated. PLIG meets every two months and has done so for several years. Guests are often invited to the meeting in relation to guidelines and other developments. It also arranges the annual GP laboratory update meetings. The group remit is to agree on:

  • the range of laboratory tests available to GPs in Lothian
  • clinical guidance on those tests
  • the content and layout of GP Order Comms (GPOC) or ICE
  • the content of results reports
  • communications to practices about laboratory issues
  • RefHelp content


On RefHelp, most PLIG advice sits on the page for the relevant condition; please see RefHelp for more information.

PLIG Membership:

  • Chair: Dr Sara Jenks (Consultant Biochemist RIE):
  • Secretary: Dr Clare MacRae, GP:
  • GP Sub-Committee representatives:
    • Dr Annie Lomas:
    • Dr Ramon McDermott:  
    • Dr Jenny  English:

Please contact PLIG members if you have any concerns or suggestions for improving laboratory services or the laboratory.


2018 Collecting and sending samples to the laboratory poster

2018 Quick guide to NHS Lothian Laboratories by PLIG