The term “Accessibility” is commonly used to describe the extent of which a service, environment or device is available to as many people as possible.

On this section of our website you will find more information on accessing our services, our buildings and accessing the information that you need.

Website Accessibility

We are committed to keeping this website as accessible as possible and we endeavour to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 which were released in December 2008.

You can easily resize the text of this website by following these instructions.

Font Size

How to Change Text Size

The NHS Lothian web site is designed to let you change the text size through standard browser settings.

This page shows you how to use these browser display settings.

Internet Explorer

While in Internet Explorer, click on “View” in the top toolbar. From the resulting drop down menu select “Text Size” and then choose one of the text sizes that will suit your needs.

Menu Options:

View > Text Size > Largest


Setting a Minimum Font Size

Some websites may display text which is too small to read comfortably. To make such pages easier to read, you can set a minimum font size. On web pages that try to display text smaller than this size, Firefox will enlarge the text to your chosen size.

To set a minimum font size, go to Tools > Options Edit > PreferencesFirefox > Preferences, select the Content panel, and click the Advanced button in the Fonts & Colors section. You can specify a minimum font size from the dropdown menu.

Note that some web pages may display incorrectly depending on your choice of a minimum font size.

Resizing Page Text

You can temporarily change the size of text on any web page in the View > Zoom menu, with Zoom Text Only enabled.

The following keyboard shortcuts control text size:

    * Press Ctrlcommand++ to increase the text size.

    * Press Ctrlcommand+- to decrease the text size.

    * Press Ctrlcommand+0 (zero) to reset the text size to the web page's default size.

Note that some web pages may display incorrectly if you increase or decrease the text size.

Mouse Scroll Wheel

If you have a "scroll wheel" on top of your mouse (located between the left and right mouse buttons) you can roll it up or down while pressing the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard. This should size the text on screen up or down.