Samples Required

2 x EDTA blood (minimum 2ml ) e.g in 2.7ml tube

and 1 x Clotted blood  (minimum 2ml) e.g in 4.9 ml tube

and if possible 1 x urine ( minimum  1ml)  


Specimen transport: This can be arranged by SNVTS. This includes all packaging and paperwork required.
The local hospital team/ laboratory should provide SNVTS with exact location where samples are to be collected. Users are asked to provide ward name, contact name, contact number, address and time samples will be available for collection.
Specific information: Please note that samples to be sent to SNVTS for testing should NOT be processed in any manner by the local hospital team/ laboratory. Instead, the samples above should be sent intact and unprocessed. There is no cost incurred to Scottish Health Boards for VHF shipment or testing at SNVTS.