The Research Project Lead offers support and advice through all aspects of a research trial:



  • They are the initial point of contact for any lab enquiries relating to new or planned research trials.
  • Liaise with Labs and the research team to ensure the lab tests required can be performed and maintains communication with both throughout the trial duration.
  • Provide authorisation of lab support for through the R&D approval process.
  • Generates a study code to set up studies on APEX and TRAK to make the ordering of research tests and obtaining results, a streamlined process.
  • Communicates with R&D Finance and Contracts staff to ensure full and transparent costing of both commercial and non-commercial research activity, and ensure all costs are recovered.
  • Conducts all activities observing full compliance with the required professional standards.
  • Ensures adherence to all relevant policies, procedures and legislation (GDPR, GCP, MHRA, UKAS)