Blood Tube Change Information

What is happening?

Due to the implementation of new analytical equipment across NHS Lothian Blood Science there is a requirement to slightly change the dimensions of the Blood tubes used for full blood count (Red top EDTA) and Coagulation (Green top citrate).


What is not changing?

This does not affect the procedure for collection of the samples or any of the order of draw information.


What is changing?

It is important to note the fill line and new product codes on the attached poster.  The fill line is particularly important for the green top citrate coagulation tubes.


What do I need to do?

Please continue to use the stock you have but place any new orders using the new product codes. The old stock has to be used up as Stores and NDC will not accept any of the old tubes back. Please distribute this information to all users in your area and ensure all are aware of the new codes and fill lines.