Test Directory

Legionella Serology

Containers - Adult

Brown Cap, Gel Clotted

Containers - Child

White Cap - Paediatric
Volume Range

​1-2 mls

Laboratory Site

Level 5, New Lister Building
10-16 Alexandra Parade
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
G4 0SF
Telephone: 0141 201 8659

Transport arrangements

​Transport as soon as is practicable

Sample storage arrangements

​Store at 4-6 oC

Special instructions for collection

​This test is no longer routinely available.


Test will on be performed in the following circumstances.


“From the 1st of April 2018, SHLMPRL will no longer accept sera for the primary diagnosis of L.pneumophila or Legionella species infections. We will continue to provide a reference service for confirmatory serology of L. pneumophila serogroup 1 and in some cases other Legionella species, but only after discussion with the requesting laboratory and where there are appropriately timed, paired sera available and only from cases that have been previously Legionella urine antigen positive and / or respiratory specimen PCR / culture positive.
We will continue to provide a serological service in support of HPS led investigations into clusters / outbreaks of legionellosis where it is agreed with SHLMPRL that serology would be useful.”

How to request

​Request form only


​Monday to Friday by Special arrangement. Please contact the duty Microbiologist to arrange 26028 / 26066

Anticipated turnaround

​10 days

What happens if the result is positive or abnormal

​A report will be issued. The result may be telephoned or e-mailed if clinically appropriate

General additional information

See attached letter from SHLMPRL.