Quality Management

A Quality Management System has been set up within the Department of Laboratory Medicine to establish quality policies and objectives and to define operational processes and related resources to fulfill those quality objectives.

This is achieved through organisational structures, policies, operational procedures and practices which define the functionality of the laboratory services in order to provide the highest quality service within available resources.

The Quality Management System delivers: (ISO 15189 4.2.1 General requirements)

  1. A commitment to the requirements of users.
  2. A quality policy, quality objectives and plans.
  3. A Quality Manager with the responsibility for implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System and provision of good internal laboratory communication.
  4. A Quality Manual, which represents the Quality Management System of the Department of Laboratory Medicine.  This manual shall be regularly updated and amended with appropriate communication to relevant personnel.
  5. All processes, interactions, validations and production of quality records are according to current legislation, regulations and guidelines.
  6. Review and management of resources.
  7. A system to control documentation, including procedures, forms quality records and clinical materials.
  8. A process of management review using internal and external audits.
  9. A system to review the Quality Management System and associated laboratory services in order to take corrective and preventative action and provide a commitment to continual improvement.