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Fascioliasis - serology

Containers - Adult

Brown Cap, Gel Clotted

Laboratory Site

Scottish Parasite Diagnostic & Reference Laboratory (SPDRL)
Level 5, New Lister Building
10-16 Alexandra Parade
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
G4 0SF
Telephone: 0141 201-8667

Transport arrangements

Useful in: Suspected infection with Fasciola hepatica - upper abdominal pain, eosinophilia, fever. Found almost worldwide. Rarely seen in UK (associated with wild watercress). 

Cross-reacts with Clonorchis/Opisthorchis

Processed at the Scottish Parasite Diagnostic & Reference Laboratory (SPDRL), Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Please send to the RIE for forwarding. Transport as soon as is practicable.

Sample storage arrangements

Store at room temperature.

Special instructions for collection

5-10ml (minimum 1ml) clotted blood/serum (brown cap blood)

How to request

Via Trak - 'microbiology serology' - specify symptoms, travel history, and organism to be tested in 'clinical details'  field


​This is a referred test so should be sent Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Anticipated turnaround

10 days from receipt of sample at SPDRL.

General additional information