Test Directory

Cervical screening sample

Containers - Adult

Thinprep PAP Test Vial

Laboratory Site

51 Little France Crescent
Old Dalkeith Road
EH16 4SA
Telephone (Cytology): 0131 242 7162

Transport arrangements

If outwith the RIE please send via the laboratory van service

Special instructions for collection

Do not leave brush in sample container

How to request

Enter request online using the Scottish Cervical Call Recall System (SCCRS). Paper request forms will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances



Anticipated turnaround

≤ 35 days

General additional information

Request ThinPrep PAP test vial and cervical brushes from 27009 (0131 242 7009). For SCCRS assistance contact ATOS on 0845 9572600 or email smc.nhsis@atosorigin.com, do not contact the screening laboratory.