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Aqueous and vitreous fluids, and vitreous biopsy - Routine C & S

Containers - Adult

20ml Sterile Universal Container
20ml Sterile Universal Container

Containers - Child

20ml Sterile Universal Container

Laboratory Site

51 Little France Crescent
Old Dalkeith Road
EH16 4SA
Telephone (Bacteriology): 0131 242 6021 OOH Bleep 2900
Howden Road West
West Lothian
EH54 6PP
Telephone (Bacteriology): 01506 52 3075 OOH contact RIE

Transport arrangements

Transport as soon as is practicable.

Sample storage arrangements

 If processing is delayed, refrigeration (4-6°C) is preferable to storage at ambient temperature.

Special instructions for collection

Useful: in patients where bacterial, fungal or acanthamoebic eye infections are suspected.

Will be collected by ophthalmic surgeon. 


How to request

Via Trak ("C&S - Fluid" then specify sample site e.g. 'Fluid,aqueous humour' or 'Fluid, vitreous humour') or request form.


24 hours (RIE), 0900-1700 (SJH)

Anticipated turnaround

Up to 5 days.

What happens if the result is positive or abnormal

Telephoned by microbiologist.

General additional information

​If wishing for Acanthamoeba investigation, it needs to go in special transport medium available at PAEP, and it is sent direct to the Glasgow Reference Lab from the requester and not via the laboratory at RIE.