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MYH9 screen for detection of familial mutation (Macrothrombocytopenia)

Containers - Adult

Red Cap Tube EDTA KE 2.7ml
Volume Range


Additive per Container


Containers - Child

Pink Cap - Paediatric
Volume Range

A minimum volume of 1ml is required

Additive per Container


Reference ranges

Individual reports are generated for each analysis. The report will provide a full explanation of the testing procedures used and the clinical implications of the results obtained for the patient and family. ​ ​

Laboratory Site

Crewe Road South
Telephone: 0131 537 1000

Transport arrangements

Lab van or 1st class post

Sample storage arrangements

Refrigerate - DO NOT FREEZE


Test not available during restricted service.

Anticipated turnaround

4 weeks

What happens if the result is positive or abnormal

Results of all genetic tests are reported to the referring clinician.

General additional information

Citrated anticoagulated venous blood, or DNA extracted from EDTA or citrated blood, may be sent instead of an EDTA specimen.

Contact the laboratory on 0131 537 1116.