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Prothrombin G20210A and Factor V Leiden screen for Thrombophilia

Containers - Adult

Red Cap Tube EDTA KE 2.7ml
Volume Range


Additive per Container


Reference ranges

​​For both the Factor V Leiden mutation and Prothrombin 20210 G-A Mutation, the reference range is Homozygous Negative.

Laboratory Site

51 Little France Crescent
Old Dalkeith Road
EH16 4SA
Telephone: 0131 536 1000

Transport arrangements

Specimens should be kept at room temperature and sent directly to the laboratory as soon as possible by first class post. Specimen must be transported within a plastic sealable bag or other suitable container.

Sample storage arrangements

Specimens must NOT be frozen. If a delay in sending a specimen is unavoidable it must be refrigerated overnight.

How to request

Request form. Electronic ordering where available (e.g. TRAK)


Monday - Friday: routine service 09:00 - 17:00. Test not available during restricted service.

Anticipated turnaround

21 days

What happens if the result is positive or abnormal

Genetic results will not be telephoned. They can be emailed if secure addresses are verified.

Static information/disclaimer

This test is accredited to ISO 15189:2012

General additional information

The Prothrombin G20210A and Factor V Leiden screen for Thrombophilia forms part of the wider 'Hereditary Thrombophilia Screen' and are often requested together. However, the genetic testing is performed in a separate Laboratory and as a result, a separate report will be issued with the Prothrombin G20210A and Factor V Leiden results.

Citrated anticoagulated venous blood or 150µl DNA may be sent instead of an EDTA specimen.